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By The New England Facial And Cosmetic Surgery Center By The New England Facial And Cosmetic Surgery Center | February 3, 2023 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


"We are blessed to be alive in this day and age of continuing technological breakthroughs in facial and body rejuvenation,” says Harvard-trained Dr. Anna Petropoulos, founder of The New England Facial & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Danvers and Boston. A double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, she is a modern-day renaissance artist and an expert at facial rejuvenation. Dr. Petropoulos pioneered the implementation of noninvasive treatments and has been providing her patients with the latest and safest techniques for the past 20 years. She is a national and international faculty member and respected speaker in the artistry of Botox and restoration of youthful facial contours. Dr. Petropoulos was elected the founding president of the Massachusetts Society of Facial Plastic Surgery. She believes that in today’s world a youthful, natural appearance is necessary for those who wish to remain competitive in the workplace as well as in the social realm.


Over 22 years in practice, Dr. Petropoulos has witnessed that by the time we reach 40, the collagen and elasticity of our skin has started to degrade, along with the intercellular matrix. Since our skin starts to sag at about 3 mm per year on our jawline and about 1 to 2 mm per year on our eyelids, Dr. Petropoulos created a maintenance philosophy: It is crucial to perform proprietary radiofrequency treatments along the jawline and eyelids to tighten the skin and prevent further sagging of the skin. We need to start addressing this at around age 38 and prevent this before it becomes visible. If we are further along in the aging process, then jowls appear as do baggy eyelids. Then more intensive types of types of radiofrequency treatments can be employed; some with zero downtime and others with minimal downtime. Simultaneously, we need to knock out negative vector dynamics, thus achieving a nice upward positive vector with “Baby Botox.” Turn up the corners of the month and turn a frown upside down ! Fortunately, even at later ages, one is never too old to see improvements with the multiple non-invasive treatments that we offer working synergistically to restore a beautiful you! Visit Dr. Petropoulos and see what a specialist who understands classic beauty can do for you!


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