Tom Brady Brings TB12 Sports Performance & Recovery Center to Back Bay

By Matt Juul | July 31, 2019 | Lifestyle

Tom Brady TB12 Performance & Recovery Center Back Bay

Getting into Super Bowl-caliber shape just got a lot easier thanks to Tom Brady’s new TB12 Sports Performance & Recovery Center. Set to open in Back Bay this August, the 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility offers group fitness classes, body coaches and innovative technology that optimizes performance and recovery. “Tom is very innovative, thinking through how he’s going to adapt what he does to not only recover, but make sure he can perform at the level he needs to over an extended period of time,” says TB12 CEO John Burns. “It starts with simple things like what you’re eating, what you’re doing to keep your body ready for activity; but technology then layers onto it if you go to the next level.” Guests can expect high-end amenities including VIP client services, speaker series, luxury lockers and shower rooms, plus a special TB12 smoothie bar. “We’ve got a unique opportunity here in Boston to help people understand differently how recovery factors in their life,” says Burns. “The principles we have developed over time with athletes are applicable to a broad range of consumers, including business executives, students and otherwise.” 699 Boylston St.,

Photography by: PHOTO BY SHADOW LION