Hands Down, the Top 10 Beauty Products You Need in Your Arsenal for Fall

Louisa Holmberg | September 21, 2020 | Style & Beauty Feature

It’s official, we’ve entered that confusing time between Summer and Fall where one day it’s outrageously humid and sweltering, and the next chilly and rainy...and this seasonal identity crisis is taking a toll on our skin and hair. Add stress-induced breakouts and mask-ne (it’s a thing!) to the mix, and we’re in serious need of some beauty TLC. So, we’ve sourced the top ten products that’ll restore your glowing skin, de-frizz, and let your natural beauty shine. Add these superstars to your daily routine, and you’re all set for the season ahead.

1. Sunrise Service by Loops Beauty

Sunrise Service by Loops Beauty

If you haven’t heard of Loops Beauty, it’s time to get familiar. Their hydrogel masks actually stay on (!) and refresh your skin in just ten minutes. Demi Moore and Emily Ratajowski are fans, and when you see your glowing skin after using their masks, you will be too. Sunrise Service, $30, Loops Beauty, Shop Now

2. Frizz Vanishing Oil by Living Proof

Frizz Vanishing Oil by Living Proof

Say farewell to frizz with this smoothing oil by Living Proof. This paraben and silicone free treatment is easy to use, fast absorbing, and leaves your locks shiny and healthy. It delivers instant results, so you can take a much needed vacation from daily straightening sessions. Frizz Vanishing Oil, $30, Living Proof, Shop Now

3. Glowscreen SPF 40 by Supergoop!

Glowscreen SPF 40 by Supergoop

The number one rule of skincare? Always wear sunscreen! We’re partial to Supergoop’s sheer formula, which leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh. Now just remember to reapply regularly, especially on your face and the back of your hands, and you’re all set. Glowscreen Spf 40, $36, Supergoop!, Shop Now

4. Clarifying Cleanser by Tata Harper


Tata Harper’s clarifying cleanser means business. This 100% natural and non-toxic foaming face gel keeps blemishes at bay, while reducing redness and oiliness at the same time. Perfect for sensitive skin, this gentle formula enhances your skin’s natural radiance without drying it out. Consider us smitten. Clarifying Cleanser, $72, Tata Harper, Shop Now

5. Cheek And Highlighter Duo by Chantecaille


Get that just back from the beach glow with Chantecaille’s blush and highlighter duo. Use the coral hued blush on the apple of your cheeks, and apply the highlighter on your cheekbones, beneath the arch of your eyebrows, and along the top on your nose for a sculpted, sun-kissed look.

Radiance Chic: Cheek And Highlighter Duo, $84, Chantecaille, Shop Now

6. Clarifying Spot Treatment by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Clarifying Spot Treatment by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Struggling with mask-ne? We feel you. While we fully support wearing masks and diligently don them wherever we go, we’re less fond of those annoying pimples popping up on our chins as a result. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s spot treatment will erase those blemishes, stat! So keep calm and carry on wearing your masks...paired with this product, your skin will be spot free. Clarifying Spot Treatment, $55, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Shop Now

7. Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier

Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier

No makeup collection is complete without Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. That may sound dramatic, but it’s been a staple in our daily routine for years, and with good reason. Its sheer coverage evens out your skin tone, reducing under eye circles and spots, without the heaviness of foundation. Even better, it’s SPF 30, so it’s makeup, moisturizer, and sunscreen, all in one. You can thank us later. Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector, $47, Laura Mercier, Shop Now

8. Superhair by Moon Juice


Non-stop good hair days are coming your way! Add these capsules by Moon Juice to your daily routine (we have them with our morning matcha), and you’ll find yourself with thicker, healthier hair, brows, and longer lashes in just a few weeks. Formulated with biotin, adaptogens, and micronutrients, this supplement will have your locks rivaling Jennifer Aniston’s and Blake Lively’s… get ready for compliments galore. Superhair, $60, Moon Juice, Shop Now

9. The Renewal Oil by La Mer

The Renewal Oil by La Mer

As we alternate days of non-stop sweating then crazy dryness when the temps dip, our skin is looking less than fresh these days. Enter: La Mer’s Renewal Oil. It restores your skin’s elasticity and firmness, leaving you with hydrated, fresh, and dewy skin. We suggest mixing five drops into your moisturizer in the morning and just before bed. It’s worth the investment, trust us. The Renewal Oil, $245, La Mer, Shop Now

10. Weight Loss CBD Oil by Tune Wellness

Weight Loss CBD Oil by Tune Wellness

At this point, we’re all pretty familiar with CBD, but Tune Wellness is the game-changing CBD brand you need to know about...especially their weight loss tincture. This special terpene blend increases energy, boosts metabolism, and curbs appetite (and it’s THC-free, so don’t worry about that). So we can all say goodbye to the extra weight we’ve been carrying around from stress eating and our new work from home lifestyle, thanks to this special friend. Here’s to a fresh and fit start to Fall!

Weight Loss, $70, Tune Wellness, Shop Now

Photography by: Orchard Mile