The New Murano Collection From Native Trails Provides a Visual Punch To Any Bathroom

By Antonia DePace | November 12, 2020 | Home & Real Estate

If bathroom design is an opportunity to extend a home’s aesthetic and make several unexpected statements, sinks are opportunities to add exclamation marks. Which is why we love the release of the Murano collection from Native Trails (nativetrailshome.com), featuring handcrafted sinks by Italian glass-makers. Inspired by the Italian coastline, the stunning vessels add functional art to any salle de bain in a variety of colors and patterns, and are available in 60 showrooms across Massachusetts, including F.W. Webb (fwwebb.com) and Portland Group (theportlandgroup.com). Here, we showcase some of our favorites.


The most classic of the bunch, the Verona is a symmetrical, round sink that complements a contemporary, clean style.


Soft curves and a shallow depth make the Lido sink the perfect accent to any modern bathroom.


Add a ribbed texture to your bathroom with this asymmetrical, molten glass vessel. Resembling a seashell, each sink is poured by hand—meaning no two are alike.


Available in Abalone, Abyss and Bianco finishes, the cylindrical-shaped bowl features crisp, classic lines.


The 20-inch-wide bowl has elevated edges that mirror the movement of the Mediterranean waves—bringing a spa-like aesthetic to your bathroom appearance.

Photography by: Courtesy of Native Trails