6 Scenic Runs in Boston to Inspire Movement

Ariane Vigna | April 16, 2021 | Lifestyle

Boston Public Garden - Scenic Running Paths

Boston Public Garden

As the sun begins to shine over Boston, it’s time to get out of your cozy nest and head to some of the city’s stunning running paths. Ditch your old treadmill and enjoy that sweat session with a scenic run.

Whether you’re looking to venture beyond your neighborhood or practice for a half-marathon, there’s a spot with plenty of views for you. From Downtown Boston all the way to Cambridge, here are six stellar running paths you need to explore ASAP.

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The Charles River Esplanade

Starting with the classics, the Charles River Esplanade is one of those Boston spots we just can’t get enough of. The path spans three miles, giving runners the perfect opportunity to build endurance, and the many bridges along the way let you adjust the distance of your run and head back home whenever you need. The Esplanade offers wonderful views of Boston and Cambridge, but the best part of running along the stretch of greenway is the encouragement you'll receive from fellow runners and bikers.

Back Bay Fens

The pathways around Back Bay park offer a mile and a half of running space. We're particularly fond of running through the Richard D. Parker Memorial Victory Gardens, established after President Franklin D. Roosevelt requested that cities grow more vegetables. Art aficionados will appreciate the path’s closeness to the Museum of Fine Arts. It could be a lovely spot to cool down.

Boston Common and Boston Public Garden

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If you’re looking for a romantic run with your partner, the city’s oldest and most beloved parks are the best places to hit. The streets outlining the Common and the Public Garden make a 2-mile track, but we suggest heading inside the parks lined with majestic trees and looking at children running around, ducks playing in the pond, and dogs getting to know each other. The two parks also make for great post-run picnic spots, if you’re planning for a late morning workout.

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Brookline Reservoir

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If you’re a fan of calm waters, we recommend running laps at the Brookline Reservoir. This gravel path is just less than a mile, allowing you to adjust your distance based on your personal goals. The landscape is absolutely stunning. No wonder it received National Historic Landmark status back in 2015.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

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Who says athletes can’t also be architecture lovers? While we love working out in the city’s green areas, there’s nothing like admiring old Boston buildings and brownstones. Starting from Boston Common and ending down Commonwealth Avenue, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall is perfect for beginners looking for a short run.

The Emerald Necklace

Early bird catches the worm—and the sunrise. Get up at dawn and hit the Emerald Necklace for gorgeous views in one of the six parks of the conservancy, spanning from Back Back to Dorchester. Two of the best parks that make up the series are Jamaica Pond and the Arnold Arboretum, which are also amazing running paths on their own. Jamaica Pond is surrounded by a 1.5-mile running path where you can admire the sun rising on the waters. If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, try the Arnold Arboretum. Managed by Harvard University, the 281-acre park features 15,000 luscious trees, shrubs and vines.

Photography by: Daniel Bernal / Unsplash