Refreshing the Past: The Lagassé Group reinvigorates Historic Seaside Estate

By The Lagassé Group By The Lagassé Group | May 29, 2022 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,


With an experienced, detail-oriented and straightforward approach to every project, The Lagassé Group has established itself as the premier homebuilder in New England, specializing in new construction, renovations, and estate care services. Founded over a decade ago by Nancy and Kevin Lagassé, this team of builders is committed to executing the most challenging projects with the utmost care, creating a home that is truly your own.


From the beginning of each project, the team at The Lagassé Group builds a relationship with the homeowner and design team that is grounded in trust and understanding. Their team of professionals welcomes complex designs and aggressive schedules. Crafting a home doesn’t have to be stressful, and through integration of innovative technology, years of experience, and a breadth of architectural and construction knowledge, The Lagassé Group is well-suited to make the building process a breeze.


TLG’s portfolio includes everything from exciting new builds to extensive renovations, historic preservation efforts to relaxing beach retreats. At one recent project, an almost-two-hundred-year-old seaside estate was fully renovated to restore the condition of the existing home and add a series of new structures to the property, all while paying respect to the rich history of the property and the specific needs of the homeowners. Working with Peter Pennoyer Architects and interior designer Max Rollitt, The Lagassé Group was able to breathe new life into the home that was consistent with its historic background. As part of the renovation effort, a tennis pavilion, a carriage house and guest suite, and a new pool and pool house overlooking the North Shore waterfront were all nestled into to the rolling landscape, which was originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. Special care was taken to restore original finishes in the home, staying consistent with the original design intent and reinvigorating the stunning space.


This level of commitment is present in all The Lagassé Group’s projects, no matter the scale. By putting homeowners first before, during, and after the course of construction, The Lagassé Group is able to provide the care and attention you deserve to make your home feel like home.


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