Preston Lemanski Talks His Journey and a New Opening in Palm Beach

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A painter by trade, Preston Lemanski founded Lemanski Construction Co. in 2015 in order to provide his clients with a full service solution to their home remodeling and construction needs. “Customers would ask if I could ‘fix this?’ or do other jobs that were outside of the painting scope,” he says. “I would hire other trades to complete the projects, but when they started getting larger and more complex, I quickly realized that custom construction was what I enjoyed most.”

Today, Lemanski Construction manages residential and commercial projects, including new builds, remodeling and special projects. They pride themselves in providing quality service at a fair and competitive price. “I enjoy the entire process, everything from the initial design concept to the completion of construction,” says Lemanski, who’s been in the business for over two decades. “To see the final product after what could be years of planning and construction is such a rewarding feeling.”

In addition to his professional achievements, Lemanski is also a family man who enjoys coaching both his son’s and daughter’s youth hockey teams. “I think I like being on the ice more than the players,” he jokes.

He’s currently in the process of opening a West Palm Beach office after receiving his Florida builders license earlier this year. “I fell in love with South Florida winters after working on an amazing project in Boca Raton 11 years ago,” he says. “I’ve wanted to open an office in Florida ever since.

Photography by: Michael Blanchard