A Day in the Life of Dr. Rola Rabah, DDS

Lisa Pierpont | February 20, 2020 | People

Oral surgeon by day, fashion fanatic by night, head-turner 24/7: Dr. Rabah is all that.

IMG006734AM3.jpgRabah in Central Park in a candid moment during her engagement shoot

If there’s one thing you’ll pick up on about Dr. Rola Rabah, it’s that she knows what she likes. “A few years ago, I posted a picture on Facebook of my obnoxiously multicolored but absolutely adorable Chanel espadrilles, in the same frame as a few teeth I had just successfully extracted,” Rabah says. “The picture caption read, ‘When you really really love oral surgery, but you’re still a girly girl.’” And there you have the secret of what makes Rabah tick. Also the creator of a successful fashion blog, Fifteen Blades, Rabah documents her style, wellness routine and her life as a surgery resident. “I’ve highlighted my journey filled with the good (mostly), bad (sometimes) and the ugly (rarely) through Instagram and have taken my followers along for the ride.” That involves a message to young women:

“I am a surgeon, fashion enthusiast, humanitarian, animal lover and, above all, I am a woman. These things are not mutually exclusive, and I want little girls, big girls and women all over the world to know that you CAN be a woman and do what you love regardless of what that may be. Because a woman’s place is not in the kitchen; it’s anywhere she wants to be.” That includes nesting on the couch too: “Do whatever makes YOU feel good even if it doesn’t work for anyone else,” she says. “If that’s being in PJs cuddled on the couch watching Netflix with a charcoal mask on, it’s OK. If you need a boxing class and a good green smoothie afterward to feel good, then that’s what you should do.”

4:30AM: daily stroll

“Even if I am on-call early in the morning, I take daily walks with my dog. I destress completely. I don’t think about work, I don’t make work phone calls, I don’t touch my phone... I just walk. It’s crucial for me to have this time even on the craziest day to keep me grounded.”

6AM: fuel up

“I always enjoy a hot cup of coffee that I brew from home or grab from Jaho. My weekend pastry is from Cafe Madeleine.” Jaho; Cafe Madeleine, South End, 857.239.8052

8AM: Namaste

“On weekends, I take a yoga class at Coolidge Yoga.”

12PM: look good, feel good

“I make sure to do the things that make me feel great: a hair blowout and face mask; I do my makeup and put on a great outfit and take photos to document it all.”

1PM: ladies who brunch

“I love to have brunch at Mistral with my friends.” Mistral, South End

8PM: date night

“I make sure to go out, usually on a date night with my fiance. This ritual, although it seems quite normal, is actually my new ‘special’ routine when I have a day off because it’s what makes me feel like ME again, out of hospital scrubs, out of my work element and into my feminine weekend flow. Our favorite spots include B&G Oysters, Oleana and Mida.” B&G Oysters, South End; Oleana, Cambridge; Mida, South End

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