Olivia Culpo talks about fashion, food, and upcoming projects at Tod's grand opening party

By Amy Fischer | May 13, 2018 | People

The stunning and friendly, Rhode Island native Olivia Culpo looked gorgeous in a white on white outfit at the new Tod’s boutique in Copley Place. The former Miss Universe, now a fashion influencer and a budding movie star graced Bostonians to celebrate Tod’s grand opening. We sat down with Culpo to chat about her new restaurant Back 40 and her upcoming projects.

Untitled-1-0019.jpgOlivia Culpo at Tod's grand opening party in Copley Place.

Amy Fischer: We’re incredibly excited to have you here in Boston for the grand opening of Tod’s boutique in Copley Place. Why is this Tod’s extra important to you?

Olivia Culpo: I’m a big fan of Tod’s and have been since I began in fashion. They have been such a great supporter and I’ve always been in love with everything they design. I owe them a lot of credit in my street style and their leather is hands down the best, so it only makes sense for me to be here at such a great mall in the best city ever!

Your fashion is always on point. Can you share with us some of your must-have items in your closet and/or suitcase?

OC: I love a good bodysuit, high wasted jeans, booties are a must-have, a pointed toe pump, Tod’s loafers are definitely a staple in my closet, and/or leather jacket.

What is your inspiration when collaborating with different fashion brands?

OC: I like to think about what makes me feel particularly inspired and good, and when I feel like the brand represents my own personal style, it’s a true fit. I also want to make sure that it’s a brand I think other people would also love and enjoy and feel great in as well.

How did you and your family come up the name Back 40 for your restaurant in North Kingstown, RI?

OC: Back 40 comes from an old saying, backside of a farm in the time of the 1800s, where farmers would let loose, let their hair down, have a few drinks, and go to the backside of the farm, otherwise known as the Back 40.

What is your favorite thing to eat at Back 40?

OC: For brunch, the french toast is outstanding and Allie’s donut bread pudding is so good; it’s basically bread pudding with a donut, and as you can tell I have a sweet tooth. The Back 40 burger is amazing and the nachos with pulled pork are the best.

What is your go to item from Nurse Jamie and why?

OC: That’s such a good question; it's the Uplift, which is a roller for the face. It’s basically like a workout for your face. It feels like a massage and stimulates collagen and helps with cell growth. The sleep pillow is also great.

What new projects do you have coming up?

OC: I am designing right now and I’ll have a collection by the end of the year, that I can’t really talk about too much, but it's another collaboration. I also have a new movie Reprisal that is coming out with Bruce Willis. My website is keeping me really busy and I’m creating a book club where everyone can read along with me, so stay tuned for that.

Photography by: Photography by Michael Blanchard