5 Elevated Takes on Classic New England Seafood Dishes

By Matt Juul | July 30, 2019 | Food & Drink

Delicious seafood is synonymous with New England cuisine, and there's no shortage of fantastic spots in Boston to munch on beloved dishes like lobster rolls or cups of clam chowder. While the classics are always great, there are a few restaurants in town who are putting new spins on these fan-favorite bites. Here are five elevated takes on classic New England seafood dishes that you have to try in Boston.



As one of the most exciting and stylish restaurants in Boston, the Asian-Peruvian hotspot always takes an innovative approach with its menu. Putting a fresh spin on a New England summer staple, guests can munch on a more elegant version of fried clams with Ruka's Clam Shack sushi rolls. The delicious dish features fried Ipswich clams atop a roll of kimchee slaw, tartar sauce, avocado and lemon soy. 505 Washington St., 617.266.0102, rukarestobar.com

Eventide Oyster Co.

Offering a taste of Maine in the heart of Boston, Eventide's Fenway location is a must-stop for any serious foodie. While there are all kinds of great bites to satisfy your seafood cravings, one of the restaurant's tastiest offerings is the brown butter lobster roll. Eventide ditches the traditional, hot dog-style bun for a Chinese bao while also taking the warm Connecticut approach instead of the cold Maine style, skipping the mayo and lettuce for a simple marriage of brown butter and lobster goodness. 1321 Boylston St., 617.545.1060, eventideoysterco.com

Craigie on Main

Fried clams gets another delicious upgrade over at Craigie on Main. While the Cambridge hotspot is known for its iconic burger, you have to try the Crispy-Fried Essex Clams. The fried seafood dish gets a gourmet makeover with squid ink and olive anchoïade plus preserved lemon and pickled pepper garnish. 853 Main St., Cambridge, 617.497.5511, craigieonmain.com

Island Creek Oyster Bar

Whether it's the dead of winter or a sweltering, summer afternoon, New Englanders are always down for a great bowl of clam chowder. Island Creek Oyster Bar takes the beloved dish to another level with a few simple additions that bring surprisingly complex flavors. House-cured bacon adds a smoky element to the chowder, while buttermilk biscuit croutons offer a tasty alternative to the traditional oyster crackers. 500 Commonwealth Ave., 617.532.5300, islandcreekoysterbar.com

Saltie Girl

From raw bar bites to lobster rolls and everything in between, Saltie Girl's menu is filled to the brim with delicious New England seafood offerings that never disappoint. One standout that you may not have seen before is the fried lobster and waffles. Served with sweet corn and spicy maple syrup, it's a surprising match made in seafood heaven. 281 Dartmouth St., 617.267.0691, saltiegirl.com

Photography by: Photo by Drew Katz