The MFA's New Exhibit Pays Homage to Gender Bending Fashion

By Kelly Anderson | March 18, 2019 | Culture

From the 1920s garçonne style to ’60s peacock attire, fashion rebels have long defied the concept of men in suits and women in dresses.


Alessandro Trincone’s Annodami collection, spring/summer 2017, modeled by Andrea Antonelli.

The MFA’s new exhibition "Gender Bending Fashion" examines the blurring of gender binaries with iconic items like Marlene Dietrich’s 1930s tails and Young Thug’s Alessandro Trincone dress. “Currently, there’s a great movement that is completely driven by millennials and new platforms of expression,” says curator Michelle Finamore. “Social media has completely changed the game.” Member Preview March 16 to 20, exhibit March 21 to August 25, 465 Huntington Ave.,

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