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By Courtney D. Dwyer By Courtney D. Dwyer | December 22, 2021 | Lifestyle, Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

We’re taking a look at the top cosmetic treatments that help Boston's movers and shakers turn back time and flaunt the best version of themselves.


Boston is a city that draws in top talent from all over the world in arts, science, business, medicine, sports and education. This booming city is home to some of the most driven, educated and creative people. Bostonians have high expectations so when it comes to selecting the right state-of-art healthcare facility for their cosmetic needs, it’s clear to see why so many turn to Dream Spa Medical.

Dream Spa Medical launched their business in 2013 and have most recently added a brand new gorgeous 2nd location in the heart of Brookline attracting the who's who of Boston.


Since Day 1, Dream Spa Medical's mission has always been clear, to create empowering results for their patients, in a welcoming and vibrant environment. The team at Dream Spa Medical sees firsthand that when people look better they feel better and that inner confidence radiates from the inside out. Whether someone is up for that big job promotion, getting married, getting back into the dating game, just had a baby or simply looking to stop the inevitable aging process, everyone benefits from self-care and self-love.


In the last decade, the beauty industry has progressed leaps and bounds thanks to innovative technologies. With advancements in injectable techniques, the results that this med spa has been able to provide their patients are unparalleled. Dream Spa Medical’s trained team of highly skilled clinicians works tirelessly to maintain, highlight and enhance their patients’ results with their custom trademarked injectable guides you can’t find anywhere else. Some of the most popular treatments their patients are requesting are confident cheeks TM, the dream contourTM, the dream restoreTM or dream liftTM which uses a proprietary combination of filler, botox and radiofrequency technology to achieve natural results with minimal downtime.


Putting your best face forward has always been in style, which is why another popular treatment at Dream Spa Medical is their Clear & Brilliant Luxe facial which combines the go-to celeb laser facial treatment; Clear & Brilliant with the restorative, soothing and rejuvenating youthful effects of the oxygen facial. This treatment has become extremely popular given that it provides an instant red-carpet glow but will also improve your skin’s tone and texture in the weeks to come!


Non-surgical body sculpting treatments have been gaining popularity in major cities across the country such as LA, NY and Miami and are gaining traction here in Boston given their ease and results. Dream Spa Medical was the 1st location in New England to offer EON, which is the 1st FDA cleared fat burning robot of its kind to destroy stubborn unwanted belly fat. With the development of this proprietary technology, patients are able to receive a targeted and customized treatment and achieve superior results from head to toe without having to go under the knife. Dream Spa Medical recommends a customized package (which can be 2-3 treatments) for optimal results and to complement patients’ healthy lifestyles.

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