Jonathan Tucker, Star of NBC's New Sci-Fi Drama Debris, Shares His Love of Boston

By Michael McCarthy | December 29, 2020 | People


Jonathan Tucker may live in Los Angeles, but the star of NBC’s new sci-fi drama Debris always has Boston top of mind.

How tied to Boston is Jonathan Tucker? When I asked this son of Charlestown if he preferred Cape Cod or Nantucket, the actor said, “The sun rises and sets in 02129. The shadow of the Bunker Hill monument is proof God loves Charlestown.” I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, Tucker still has a regular group text with his longtime friends about Boston sports. In January, the star of acclaimed dramas like Kingdom and Justified will be the lead in NBC’s Debris, a sci-fi drama. Tucker, who’s a dad of toddler twins, talks to us about his hometown.

1. Why does this city stay with natives no matter where they roam?
We are nursed, cradled and reared in the understanding that life is always in flux, that change is possible and that nothing is off limits. We are kings of the comeback.

2. Best Boston sports memory?
Watching Bird, McHale and Parish from the cheapest seats in the old Boston Garden with my father, hearing the banging of the cages and the radios behind me. And then walking home to Charlestown over the locks that bifurcate the Charles River and the Boston Harbor.

3. Last book you loved so much you bought a copy for someone?
Tim Grover’s Relentless and Katharine Smyth’s All the Lives We Ever Lived: Seeking Solace in Virginia Woolf.

4. Quintessentially Boston spot you visit every time you come home?
The Warren Tavern and Regina’s on Thatcher Street.

5. Your favorite part about being a father is...
The responsibility to make them proud. Pressure is a privilege.

Photography by: Tony Duran