How Bostonians are Getting Summer Ready with Dream Spa Medical and their Trademark Fat Burning Treatment

By Janelle Driscoll By Janelle Driscoll | May 26, 2022 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


Summer is right around the corner, and while diets and exercise routines may have been in process for the past few months, sometimes you just need the extra push to get you across the finish line. Dream Spa Medical’s EON Fat Reduction treatment can help you achieve the silhouette you’ve been desiring, with zero discomfort and no downtime for recovery.


Dream Spa Medical was the first in New England to offer this revolutionary treatment, which provides individuals fantastic results while keeping the procedure easy and comfortable. This innovative technology heats fat cells to a temperature of 51 degrees celsius, while keeping the skin cool and comfortable, permanently eliminating unwanted dead fat cells through the lymphatic system up to 12 weeks post treatment. “EON uses tried and trusted laser technology as it’s medium to permanently destroy fat. What EON does differently and "new" is utilize its proprietary cooling technology to keep our patients completely comfortable during the procedure,” states Leah Mofford, COO of Dream Spa Medical. “You won’t experience messy gel or applicators that leave your body feeling uncomfortable; EON is completely contact free and comfortable. It has been wonderful delivering this truly remarkable device to our patients!”

The Dream Spa Medical team has also taken the EON procedure one step further and combined it with Velashape, another non-invasive treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite and tightens skin, for even better results. This special treatment trademarked by their team is called EON Luxe and is also available at both their Canton and Brookline locations.


Prior to the procedure, the Dream Spa Medical team will sit down with you for a full body assessment so they can effectively treat targeted areas where there is stubborn fat and to discuss your goals and expectations when booking this EON. With any procedure, the Dream Spa Medical team suggests you also practice a healthy dietary and fitness regimen to achieve optimal results.

The Dream Spa Medical team specializes in a variety of non-surgical procedures, like EON, in both their Canton and Brookline locations, and their staff looks to empower their clients through these specialized treatments, so individuals can leave feeling better than ever. Visit to learn more about the EON Fat Reduction treatment, and how you can book your consultation today!


Photography by: Courtesy of Dara Shakhanava