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By Samantha Coren By Samantha Coren | June 29, 2023 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


As a top plastic surgery office in New England, and one of the most sought after in the world, The Spiegel Center boasts patients from all 50 states, Europe, Canada, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia who travel in for their services. With four doctorates, six degrees, and over a hundred innovative medical publications between them, this trio team of Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, Dr. Onir Spiegel and Dr. Jacob Tower has spent years studying and mastering facial appearance and beauty. “We help people achieve their goals in a subtle, natural way so they look younger, healthier, and happier without anyone knowing what was done.” says Dr. Onir. “For us, it’s the details that count, and we focus intently on the small contours and shadows that make all the difference in a person’s appearance,”


Client-focused, Dr. Onir elaborates on The Spiegel Center mission statement, “Through innovative solutions and extraordinary care, we provide the best results and the highest quality experience in the world. Be your true self.” We live this mission statement. We recognize that each and every person we see has to get the best possible results. We highly value the trust our patients put in us, and always work to exceed expectations.”


Revolutionizing plastic surgery, The Spiegel Center offers several services not seen anywhere else. “We now have a one hour “necklift” without stitches where you can look years younger with very minimal recovery. We’ve also refined 10-minute non-surgical rhinoplasty, and offer painless electrolysis, scarless hair grafting, and the most advanced extended deep plane facelifts.” Dr. Spiegel explains further, “The future is already here! We’ve been working for the last several years to improve the speed of recovery from our procedures. We’ve refined hundreds of techniques and made it so that even complex surgeries are now easily and comfortably recovered at home. We’ve demonstrated the safety and value of these protocols to get people to their goals faster and more smoothly than ever. We’ve also been publishing our methods so that other plastic surgeons can do the same.”


Physician Dr. Jacob Tower, a talented facial plastic surgeon, joined The Spiegel Center to be part of one of the most elite plastic surgery practices in the country. “I’m thrilled that the world class facelift and rhinoplasty techniques I bring are so well supported by the full patient experience at The Spiegel Center.”


Dr. Onir Spiegel, Director of Aesthetics
Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Jacob Tower, Facial Plastic Surgeon
The Spiegel Center
335 Boylston St., Newton, MA 02459

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