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We sat down with Heidi Price, seasoned visual designer and event planner, to learn more about her unique set of creative offerings.


You work with a wide range of clients. How did that happen?

I offer my visual design and event planning services to those in the health care, pharmaceutical, museum and non-profit fields as well as to corporate entities and individuals. I create fine printed materials and uniquely messaged events for support-driven organizations, and highly personalized social and business gatherings from petite to grand. The common thread among them all is my ability to execute their vision and help them to engage with their audiences.

“What can I do to help?”

Every conversation I have begins with this question – my ultimate satisfaction comes with the joy that I can offer clients creative solutions to most any issue. Under one responsive roof, I offer an elastic set of services deployed for each need, each project. Event planning, fine printed materials, editorial support, virtual design, branding, styling, even bespoke gift wrapping. There is a visual solution to almost anything.


What have you learned from your clients?

Each choice I make, each recommendation and decision offered, is impactful to their audience. If I have been successful for a client, I have created an elegant experience that reflects their message and their mission. I’m endlessly curious about the intersection of textures, colors, and patterns and the impact on the printed or in-room experience. Personal touches make an important impression, and clients want their piece to stand out.


Why you?

Why not make it beautiful? Why not amaze and delight? I am a seasoned and enthusiastic designer, project planner and creator of customized visuals – providing my clients with a tempo and enjoyable process with memorable results. People appreciate the thoughtful and efficient planning, and of course, a special product. Weddings, fundraisers, events to thank and celebrate – branding and fine design – my clients have a broad range of needs.

I’m going to love your project as much as you do – I’m going to live your project possibly more than you might. I design and plan events of all sizes – micro to macro – using thoughtful touches, scale, items vintage and new, along with texture, color and pattern to set the stage for an incredible, messaged experience.

Personalized experiences are more important now than ever before – I infuse the same care and insights into the weddings I plan, the fundraising events I execute, the branding I create, and the printed materials I produce. The goal is always the same – amaze, delight and have fun doing it!



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