Hannah Florman, a Sought-after Private Jeweler, Shares More About the Custom Design Process

By Hannah Florman By Hannah Florman | December 13, 2021 | People, Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


What about jewelry inspires you?

Jewelry can be a source of empowerment and can help you keep memories alive that you’ll cherish forever. Peering at your engagement ring, or securing the clasp on a beloved diamond necklace can be a reminder of your personal strength, fortitude or the enduring love in your life. I typically start working with a client before they get married, as engagement rings are my specialty. I’m fortunate to then be able to create push presents, personalized fine jewelry and gifts long after the wedding day is over. I love becoming part of their family and helping them celebrate milestones large and small as their lives progress.


What is the #1 misconception about custom design?

Many think that custom equates to a higher price tag. Working with a private jeweler actually gives you a leg up with an expert who will help you maximize your budget. I’ll leverage my rolodex of diamond specialists to source a high-value selection of diamonds that may otherwise not be on the market - including those very rare stones.


What are some things your clients love most about the design experience?

Time and time again I hear how much clients love getting their CAD rendering towards the end of the design process. This makes it all feel real! We fine tune any last details and you get a realistic sense of the ring’s true appearance. When clients feel like they know exactly how their ring is being crafted and understand they can truly make this piece their own, it allows everyone involved to really enjoy the process. Clients also have the option to get a sketch of their ring, which makes for a special heirloom.


How do I make sure I get the engagement ring that I love?

If your intuition says an engagement is right around the corner, congrats! Your partner probably knows your taste at a high level, but shopping for a significant piece of jewelry like an engagement ring may seem daunting. My advice? Drop photos to your best friends that you may see on Instagram or send a hint to your partner through my website. We will meet in a one-on-one consultation to discover what’s possible. Partners always appreciate the extra guidance, and once they have a trustworthy jeweler alongside him/her you’ll be able to step away and be surprised!


What is the advantage of working with a private jeweler?

Customization. A private jeweler understands the production process behind it all; so he/she can be nimble and try to find the perfect stones, setting and finish that meets your needs, budget, timeline, etc… Big box stores can’t really devote this kind of attention to their clients - their business model supports the masses, not the individual. Lastly, a private jeweler genuinely wants to create a piece that feels uniquely you. That’s their craft, and nothing makes them happier than a client who wears and loves that piece for years to come.

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