The New Four Seasons One Dalton Street Was Designed With Boston's Art and Culture in Mind

By Michael McCarthy | December 22, 2020 | Home & Real Estate


David‌ Bowie’s‌ former‌ curator‌ set‌ her‌ sights‌ on‌ Four‌ Seasons‌ One‌ Dalton‌ Street‌ and‌ created ‌artistic ‌glory‌ in‌ public‌ and ‌private‌ spaces.

Kate Chertavian and Lucy Rosenburgh (katecfineart.‌com)‌ are used to transforming‌ spaces,‌ large ‌and‌ small, ‌into‌ sanctuaries ‌of ‌beauty.‌ So when the curators were tasked with creating the artistic vibe for the new Four Seasons One ‌Dalton ‌Street, ‌Boston‌ (fourseasons.com/onedalton),‌ they ‌found ‌inspiration ‌in ‌the‌ city ‌itself.‌ “Ours ‌is ‌a ‌city ‌that‌ supports ‌a‌ global ‌intellectual ‌elite‌ at the forefront of innovation and ‌technology,‌ that‌ celebrates‌ its ‌historic‌ landmarks,‌ that‌ promotes ‌culture,‌ be ‌it ‌music,‌ dance,‌ visual ‌art ‌or ‌theater,”‌ says ‌Chertavian,‌ who‌ built‌ and‌ curated‌ David‌ Bowie’s ‌art‌ collection‌ from ‌1992 ‌to‌ 2000.‌ “We‌ chose ‌artists ‌who‌ would‌ be‌ recognized‌ and‌ respected ‌by‌ our‌ clientele ‌and‌ visitors ‌while‌ still‌ inspiring‌ a ‌meaningful‌ experience ‌in‌ our ‌city.”‌ From‌ Duke ‌Riley’s ‌massive ‌“They ‌Say,‌ On‌ a‌ Really‌ Hot‌ Day”‌ to ‌Yinka‌ Shonibare’s ‌“Great ‌American‌ Library:‌ Dancers,‌ Musicians ‌and‌ Actors,”‌ the ‌team‌ has ‌pulled‌ together ‌pieces‌ that‌ feel‌ uniquely‌ Boston. ‌Most‌ of‌ the ‌works, ‌in‌ the‌ words‌ of ‌Chertavian, ‌have‌ become‌ hometown‌ favorites ‌in ‌a‌ matter‌ of months.‌

Photography by: Courtesy of the One Dalton Art Program