Find Out if You Have Unclaimed Money Waiting For You

By By | November 3, 2022 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

Who couldn’t use a little extra cash? If you are like the one in ten people in Massachusetts, you could have unclaimed money waiting for you at The Unclaimed Property Division at the Massachusetts State Treasurer’s Office is currently holding over $3 billion in unclaimed property. Unclaimed Property consists of financial assets such as savings and checking accounts, securities, life insurance policies, uncashed dividend checks, utility refunds and customer overpayments. These items go unclaimed after three years of inactivity.

The Unclaimed Property Division makes it easy for residents to claim the property they’re owed. All you need to do is visit and type your information into the search page. On the results page, properties valued at or above $1.00 will be listed for residents to view or claim.

Is there a catch? Believe it or not, there isn’t one! Returning unclaimed property is a free service that every state provides. The Unclaimed Property Division is the safe keeper of unclaimed funds, and its main mission is to get this money back to residents quickly and without a hassle. There is also no time limit to file a claim. Some companies offer to check and claim residents’ unclaimed properties for a fee. However, the Unclaimed Property Division encourages people to visit their website and make a claim for free to avoid scammers and unnecessary payments.

Visit the online today to see if you have unclaimed property.


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