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The progressive construction concept of a Passive House is quickly moving to the forefront of luxury home design for the quality of life these homes afford. This is especially significant for homeowners seeking an environmentally friendly property for better interior air quality, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency.

At NEDC, we are an award-winning team of creative architects, interior designers and artisan builders and our Passive Houses are Boston’s finest sustainable luxury homes—creatively designed and built or remodeled to your vision, needs and aesthetic.


A Luxury Passive House requires 90% less energy than a normal home and is so efficient it does not require mechanical heat or air conditioning. The interior air is conditioned passively from the occupant’s body heat, appliances, the sun, and interior lights.

This innovative design markedly improves the interior air quality of the home, saves significantly on energy bills, and is far better for the environment— greatly reducing the home’s carbon footprint.


Every home and every project can make a difference in improving the quality of life for the future - enhancing your families health, happiness, and comfort.

NEDC Luxury Passive House Retrofits offer:

• Fully tailored sustainable aesthetics

• Markedly Improved Interior Air Quality

• A drastically reduced carbon footprint

• 90% less energy consumption than a customary home

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