Boston Salon Wows in Beacon Hill with Contemporary Designs

By Jaci Conry | June 13, 2019 | Home & Real Estate Lifestyle


You may already have stumbled upon Salon, a new design showroom on Charles Street, in surprise. Perhaps you were lured from the sidewalk by the decadent scents emanating from the sleek coffee bar at the front of the chic trove. Regardless of how you end up discovering Salon, a meticulously curated collective of textiles, lighting, furniture and small wares, you’ll be grateful you did.

Owner and interior designer Amanda Pratt brainstormed intensely about opening a contemporary design space that was part showroom, part gallery prior to opening last November in tony Beacon Hill, Boston’s most antique-y of enclaves. The irony certainly wasn’t lost on Pratt: What better place, she thought, to contextualize contemporary design than in an uberhistoric setting?

Pratt’s focus is to showcase modern furnishings and decorative elements that are crafted in small batches or custom made by designers all over the world. While her showroom oozes a sophisticated flair, the atmosphere is welcoming and accessible. “I wanted it to feel like a home environment to offer a more personalized experience where pieces feel accessible, rather than a stark white space.” Pratt spends a great deal of time sourcing under-the-radar creators. “I look for originality,” she says. “I don’t want to offer pieces by designers who are making something that looks similar to what another designer is doing.”

Such one-off creations include hybrid wood-textiles made out of dyed wood veneers, by Berlin-based Elisa Strozyk; handpainted wallpaper by Pictalab, an artist collective in Milan; and blown glass and ceramic sculptural pendants by Avram Rusu Studio in Brooklyn. In an adjacent gallery, Pratt stages rotating exhibits by her showroom designers that represent their creative process. A show by New York-based textile studio Eskayel recently featured the line’s rugs and upholstery. Framed watercolor sketches depict the evolution of a bold floral wallcovering by the brand that Pratt installed on the walls for the show. It’s a precious, powerful glimpse of how an idea becomes art that morphs into a striking design element... just like Salon. 122 Charles St., salondesign.us