Life Coach Mel Robbins on Her Tips for Maintaining a Healthier Life

By Lisa Pierpont | May 8, 2019 | People

Running to catch a flight counts as cardio for this busy bee. With a local daytime show to boot, Mel empowers herself to #DoItAnyway.


Mel Robbins, life coach and host of the Mel Robbins Show.

What’s your morning ritual?
MEL ROBBINS: When the alarm rings, I use the five-second rule [Also the name of her best-selling self-help book] to make myself get out of bed. Then I brush my teeth, take my vitamins, make a cup of coffee and plan my day before I ever look at my phone.

Fasting. Yes or no?
MR: Hell, no.

What’s the one thing you’ve done in the last year to change your health?
Getting bladder surgery so I can jump, run and do cardio without embarrassing myself.

If you’re going to have a drink, what is it and why?
MR: I love bourbon, but I become unpredictable when I drink it, so now it’s either a gin martini with blue cheese and olives or tequila on the rocks with a slice of lime (depending on the weather).

Do you have a favorite indulgence?
Soaking in a hot tub.

What's your mental health routine?
MR: I visualize what I want in my life. I’ve forgiven myself for the lousy things I’ve done in my past and I work hard every day to become a better person.

What is your go-to superfood?
MR: Bee pollen and watermelon radish.

Any healthy travel tips?
MR: Hand sanitizer.

What is your favorite podcast?
MR: "3 Books."

Do you have a dream retreat?
Sleeping in on a weekend with my husband, Chris.

What are your top three tips for maintaining a healthier life?
Learn to say no, stop caring about people’s opinions and keep your cellphone out of your bedroom.

What is your wellness secret weapon?
MR: Yoga instructor Tara Morris.

What is your daily self-care practice?
MR: Replacing my negative thoughts with positive ones.

Photography by: Portrait by Jenny Moloney.