Coach Derek Durkin on His Workout Secret & Favorite Indulgence

By Lisa Pierpont | May 8, 2019 | People

Working out with country music? It’s all about switching gears for Derek, who was once clad in a suit and tie.


Derek Durkin, Barry's Bootcamp coach.

What’s your morning ritual?
DEREK DURKIN: I get up at 4:20 a.m. four days a week and tip-toe my way around the house to not wake up my wife and daughter (born in November!). Then, I walk the dog, grab coffee, put on some country tunes and head into Barry’s for my 6 a.m. class.

If you could eat only three things a day, what would they be?
DD: Healthy: oatmeal, smoothies and sweet potato tacos. Fasting. Yes or no? No, not into it.

What is your workout secret?
DD: Have a workout buddy.

What’s the one thing you’ve done in the last year to change your health?
DD: Limiting pizza to once a week is usually a good start! The honest answer here is there isn’t just one thing—it’s consistency in nutrition and exercise.

If you’re going to have a drink, what is it and why?
DD: Just a beer. I’m a lightweight and I like the casualness of a beer.

What is your favorite indulgence?
DD: Ice cream with my wife’s homemade cookies.

What three things do you do to maintain mental well-being?
DD: Turn off work and just spend time with my wife, daughter or dog. Workout—time to forget about everything else. Listen to country music—it relaxes me. I even play country remixes occasionally in class.

What is your go-to superfood?
DD: Adding avocado to your meal.

Photography by: Photography by Adam DeTour