5 Luxury Teas to Try in 2021

| February 17, 2021 | Food & Drink Lifestyle

Tea Forte creates special pyramid-shape bags for a smoother taste

Tea Forte creates special pyramid-shape bags for a smoother taste.

Whether you need to wake up on a busy weekday or seek a soothing brew to help you fall asleep, tea is the drink that gets the job done.

Since its origin in Asia more than 5,000 years ago, tea has had a variety of benefits. Chamomile can reduce pain and improve sleep, Roobois helps increase blood circulation, and Peppermint has been found to relieve migraines. Ginger can fight morning sickness, Hibiscus can lower blood pressure, while Green tea and Black tea come through for caffeine and other health benefits.

With so many herbal options and brands on the market, how do even jump in? Whether you're looking to bring tea into your life in 2021 or looking to expand your healthy routine, these are the delicious and aromatic high-end tea brands we trust.

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Founded by Taha Bouqdib, one of the world's biggest tea lovers, TWG is known for its immaculate attention to detail and immersion of flavors. Bouquib has spent more than 15 years learning about, traveling and tasting different teas. TWG's hand-sewn teabags are made of 100 percent cotton and were designed to leave room for tea leaves to move about freely, creating a smoother blend. Labeled the best luxury tea brand by Luxe Digital, TWG is intentionally delicious and finely crafted, down to the last detail.

Tea Forte


From their flavors to their luxurious packaging, Tea Forte indulges in every step of the process. Tea Forte works directly with growers ensuring maximum freshness and flavor. Their well-designed pyramid tea infusers help blend the leaves, so you get the most out of each bag. Best of all, there's no reason to stick to just one flavor of Tea Forte. With an array of tea assortments available for purchase, choosing a sample of Tea Forte's numerous flavors will become your favorite part of the day.

Jade Leaf Matcha


Calling all matcha lovers! Here's your new favorite drink. Jade Leaf Matcha sources their matcha straight from Japan in an area near Kyoto. They produce a "Ceremonial grade of matcha," according to Luxe Digital, which is 100% USDA Certified Organic, both of which are extremely difficult qualities to find. This expensive drink is quite easy to prepare, whether you want matcha for a morning boost or evening wind-down.



Vahdam's flavors are delicious, but its their ethical business model that keeps us coming back for more. Originating from India, Vahdam has quickly become a favorite of both Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres. It sells exclusively online, so you get the fastest, freshest ingredients. To top it off, 1 percent of the profits go to provide education for the children of Vahdam's farmers. This is a great tea to give as a gift to family or friends, or to simply warm you up on a cold day.

The Republic of Tea


The Republic of Tea has definitely made its mark in the tea world. This company encourages you to savor the subtle hints and nuances of flavor in their products "sip by sip." An award-winning, philanthropic tea brand, it calls itself the "republic" because it considers their customers its "citizens," which means you've joined a community of tea lovers just like yourself. With more than 300 varieties of tea, there is sure to be something new for everyone to try.

Photography by: Bryan Chan