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By Living Swell By Living Swell | August 15, 2022 | Home & Real Estate Sponsored Post

Diana James, amongst her treasures at Living Swell

Adventure plays a starring role in my interior design practice and is the backbone concept of my seaside chic boutique, Living Swell. Adventure, travel and new experiences fuel my creativity and propel my instinct to take chances. An eternal optimist, I see the possibilities in everything and revel in the power and beauty of design artistry, hand-crafted finishes and nature’s perfection. The vision of Living Swell is to embrace that exploratory nature of new experiences, places and ideas, while appreciating the authentic beauty of good design.

Unexpected combinations of color, texture, furnishings and details hail from my imagination and from experiences of travel and adventures. The skill to understanding scale, proportion and balance, is the first step in the design process. My rolodex of images from traveling reveal themselves as I visualize new designs for clients and concepts for the store. For example, my obsession with basketweave lighting fixtures can be traced back to a holiday I had taken while in Spain. Sipping coffee along side the Mediterranean, under a nest of locally woven baskets hanging from the ceiling, I took note of the perfect balance between function, style and authenticity. You will see how I paid homage to this vision in many of the light fixtures I have curated for projects, as well as the boutique over the years.

Inspiration around every corner on Mackinaw Island this summer

Good design matters; not only does it please the eye, good design improves the way we live. Interior Designers teach our clients how to live better. I design homes for people who live in and want to love their homes. Clients who support my creativity and process provide the opportunity for me to explore my instincts, produce the best solutions and encourage the transformation from what was just a space into their home. Through design, we encourage clients how to live better with more efficient functionality, originality, and beauty.

The goal has been to create a lifestyle brand of design and products that illustrate the elegant, seaside luxe vibe which has been the cornerstone of Living Swell’s aesthetic for over 5 years. Adventures from Nantucket to Miami, to The Alps, and the BVI’s, to London and Barcelona pepper my imagination with originality, innovation and artistry. I have placed these visionary stamps upon my expanding business which seep into the visions I have for projects, product lines, and the boutique.

Coastal cool vibes for this dining room in Marblehead. Interior Design/ Living Swell

Design has infiltrated every aspect of my life, it consumes me, but in the best way possible. The passion for altering, reinventing, finding solutions for and creating, is the driving force of my design firm, boutique and frankly, my life. The joy in being surprised, curious and engaged with the world spills into every project I undertake and enables me to create balanced, inviting and beautiful places for my clients to call home.

Living Swell
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Yacht project designed by Living Swell, Portland Maine

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