Bambini Furtuna Is Working To Heal Kids Holistically

Phebe Wahl | July 27, 2020 | Style & Beauty National

With the launch of a holistic healing collection for the small set based on age-old remedies, Bambini Furtuna is just what the doctor ordered.

Bambini Furtuna co-founder Agatha Relota Luczo with her four children, (from top) Rosalia, Anica, George and Cosimo

From tummy troubles and earaches to bug bites and boo-boos, childhood’s bumps and bruises often call for a gentle approach. Co-founded by mother-of-four Agatha Relota Luczo and esteemed pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene, newly launched Bambini Furtuna is “mom-driven, doctor-aligned.” The line offers an arsenal of nine remedies that include an Itchy Eye Solution, Stuffy Nose and Cough Care, Boo Boo Be Gone, Soothing Tummy Love and—every exhausted parent’s saving grace—Dreamy Hush Time.

Sneezy and Tickly Nose Care, 0.5 fl. oz. for $32, for reducing nasal congestion and pacifying allergies

The organic, nontoxic and “no-no-free” rituals are safe for ages 6 months and up. The wellness formulas blend wild-foraged herbs and medicinal plants with Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil harvested from centuries-old trees originated from La Furtuna Estate—the certified organic farmland of parent luxury skincare brand Furtuna Skin. The results are time-tested solutions for the modern age that empower parents and enhance children’s natural healing. maisonette.com; bambinifurtuna.com

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Photography by: Marianna Jamadi