5 Things We Discovered at Apartment 47 in Boston

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | June 5, 2024 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,

Guests were transported to Germany’s Black Forest as they weaved through the mystical story of Monkey 47 Schwarzwald dry gin at Yvonne’s. Read on to catch a glimpse of the magic.

As guests arrived at Yvonne’s, a cast from Germany’s Black Forest welcomed and introduced them to the world of Apartment 47.

In the mystical depths of Germany's enchanting Black Forest, where ancient tales, marvelous mountains and luxurious offerings collide, lies the magical realm of Monkey 47 Schwarzwald dry gin. Born from the alchemy of tradition and innovation, this elegant gin is a symphony of 47 handpicked botanicals, such as the lingonberry — a Black Forest staple. The Black Forest, or Schwartzwald in German, is home to over a third of these essential ingredients, including natural spring water and particularly aromatic berry and fruit varieties. Along with the iconic dry gin distillery, dubbed “The Wild Monkey,” the Black Forest is also known for its sumptuous spas, Michelin-starred restaurants and opulent cuckoo clocks — crafted in the region since the 1700s. Each sip of a Monkey 47 cocktail invites drinks connoisseurs to explore the history, allure and magic of their 47 carefully selected botanicals.

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald dry gin is crafted in Germany’s Black Forest. Photo courtesy of Monkey 47.

Partnering with Modern Luxury, Monkey 47 is inviting select cities across the nation to step into its lavish world — "Das Wunderzimmer" (The Wonder Room) in Apartment 47 — where the enigmatic beauty of the Black Forest meets the elegance of contemporary mixology to forge an enthralling night of discovery. Read on to embark on a journey through time and taste, where each bespoke Monkey 47 cocktail is a sip of magic from the heart of the Black Forest.

What We Tasted

The event’s signature cocktail, the Wildflower, was housed in the Monkey Maschine.

Created by mixologist Raymond Tremblay, Yvonne’s Apartment 47 signature cocktail, the Wildflower, evokes a bright, summery feel, reckoning back to the abundance of wildflowers present in the Black Forest. Yvonne’s is known for taking an array of global flavors and merging them into its unique dishes and libations, so for this cocktail, the citrus notes of Monkey 47 gin are enhanced with bitter and floral bergamot and bright lemon. The wildflower palm syrup brings out the gin’s floral and tropical notes, while the house masala blend pays homage to the unique spice blends of the gin. With all this complexity, the Lillet Blanc serves as a mellow bridge to combine the flavors into a refreshing sipper — perfect for all occasions. Finally, the cocktail is garnished with a thoughtful selection of edible wildflowers grown locally in New England. If you missed Apartment 47, you can still pop into Yvonne’s to try The Wilderflower — it’s sure to get you ready for summer!

What We Heard

Amberlux put on an exciting live DJ set.

As we sipped, we listened to the magical musical makings of Amberlux, a live DJ who embodies the essence of Das Wunderzimme in Apartment 47. Born and raised in Germany, Amberlux spent his summers in Schwarzwald, exactly where every handcrafted drop of Monkey 47 Black Forest Dry Gin is made. Bringing that Black Forest essence to Apartment 47 in Boston, Amberlux transforms the unique story of the city into vibrant, live sets. Want to experience it for yourself? Visit the Apartment 47 x Amberlux website to download the live set from Yvonne’s.

What We Saw

Entertainers from Germany’s Black Forest welcomed guests into Apartment 47.

Characters from the Black Forest guided us through Yvonne’s to explore the mystical world of Apartment 47. Upon entering, we watched as a live artist meticulously customized the Monkey 47 Book of Spirits for guests to take home; then, Schwarzwald Scarf Stylists styled us with tropical, monkey-adorned red silk neck scarves, reminiscent of the Black Forest botanicals present in the gin. Finally, we arrived at the Monkey Maschine, a cocktail machine resembling an old-school buggy, where we got to taste the custom-crafted Wildflower cocktail.

What We’ll Be Drinking All Summer

The botanical bar served up three different cocktails highlighting different groupings of Monkey 47’s botanicals.

At the Botanical Bar, we found our perfect summer cocktail inspiration. Crafted by Julian Langestraat, Monkey 47's Global Brand Ambassador, each cocktail highlights a different grouping of Monkey 47’s 47 botanicals. The Black Forest Fizz cocktail spotlights the gin’s floral botanicals — lavender, wild honeysuckle and the blossoms of Black Forest Acacias, and imported North America Monarda didyma. Made with lemon juice, lavender syrup, soda water and Monkey 47, this cocktail is approachable enough to recreate at home. To bring that Black Forest essence to your own party, be sure to garnish this cocktail with a lavender sprig.

What We Felt

Guests flooded the dance floor all night long.

With a dance floor packed all night and Amberlux’s music keeping the party rocking, Apartment 47 definitely brought the magic to Boston. We overheard guests raving about everything from the Monkey Maschine to the delectable food to the lively music, which just about sums up our night in Apartment 47 at Yvonne’s.

While you might not have experienced the real Apartment 47 at Yvonne’s, you, too, can summon the magical realm of Monkey 47 in your own home. Recreate one of the event’s signature cocktails, access Amberlux’s playlist and watch your space (and tastebuds) transform.

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