5 Questions With Queer Eye's Anthony Porowski

Abby Bielagus | April 15, 2020 | People

Antoni Porowski, beloved food and wine expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, recently partnered with local seafood brand Gorton’s to take its fish out of the freezer and onto the plate as the star of healthy and tasty meals.


Is there a recipe that you’ve created for Gorton’s that you’re particularly excited about?

The Thai-inspired fish cakes are a definite must. The fillets come lightly breaded, which makes assembly easier because there’s no need to get breadcrumbs.

If you were a fish, what would you be?

Blobfish because, well, look at them!

Best seafood dish you’ve ever eaten?

I’d do a lot of things for a good bouillabaisse.

Have you had a good meal in Boston lately?

During a recent work trip, I had 20 minutes for a decent meal and ate the shakshuka with extra lamb at the Tatte near the train station. I was not disappointed. They have excellent coffee too.

Any favorite junk food guilty pleasures?

I can destroy a whole jar of dulce de leche with a bit of good flake salt, no problem.

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Photography by: Taylor Miller