We Celebrate Our 15th Anniversary with Wyc Grousbeck, Richard Friedman and Jon Cronin

By Michael McCarthy | September 9, 2020 | Culture People Feature


Wyc Grousbeck
Owner, Boston Celtics, nba.com/celtic

Why do you love Boston and its people?

This is where I grew up, and I’ve always known Boston is special. I love how we work 24/7 to heal the world with our amazing healthcare, while we try to beat the world with our sports teams—and we do. A medium-size city with huge global impact.

You’re really involved in our community—please tell us why your work is so gratifying.

Both personally and with the Celtics, my family and I feel a strong obligation and calling to help others. My parents taught that from Day One. With the Celtics, and personally, we help more than 1,000 charities a year. Proud to be alongside so many great Bostonians in these efforts.

How has Boston changed in the past 15 years?

I realize we have a lot more to do and change as a society [and] in the country as a whole. So I’m thinking about [how] we would like things to be in the future. I will say Boston has become more confident and assertive over the past 15 to 20 years, trying to lead the way forward.

What’s it like owning a storied sports team in a city that is so devoted to its teams?

I truly think we all ‘own’ the Celtics. Great people created the incomparable legacy, including all of the fans. It’s a thrill and a great challenge to be part of something so impactful, on the court and in the community. And the feeling of raising that banner...no words.


Richard Friedman
President & CEO, Carpenter & Company Inc., carpenterandcompanyinc.com

“I love the diversity of Boston, the old and new buildings, the diverse economy and incredible intellectual power. We have the world’s greatest airport, incredible sports enthusiasm and deep civic pride. I love [developing] hotels because they’re part real estate, part restaurants, part show business, part design—so not boring. The biggest changes in the past 15 years include...outstanding political leadership, dynamic new growth without destroying our historic fabric, increased world recognition as an incredible place and amazing creative energy in technology, education and finance. I love Boston Common because it’s celebratory without being political or gossipy—the magazine uplifts the city and its people, builds civic pride and is always fun to read.”

Jon Cronin
Founder & Principal, Cronin Development, cronindevelopment.com

“Through my businesses, I’ve been able to connect with many different types of people and found a real compassion and true dedication to community solidarity. Through real estate development, I can really contribute back to my adopted city through the built environment. In addition to The St. Regis Residences, Boston, our company is supporting a number of affordable housing developments that can make a significant difference to Bostonians. As Mayor Walsh took office, he challenged developers to think more boldly. No longer were safe silhouettes acceptable. This gave us the opportunity to work with Elkus Manfredi to create something truly special on the waterfront. The biggest change in the past 15 years has been Seaport—a highly desirable destination for living, working, dining and entertainment. This neighborhood now features a huge diversity of companies, residents and flavors that have contributed to Boston’s reputation as a dynamic world-class city."

Photography by: From top, photo courtesy of; the Boston Celtics; Richard Friedman. Thumbnail and carousel photo by Michael Browning/Unsplash